Computer hardware maintenance is a critical component of your IT infrastructure. Routine IT hardware maintenance is necessary to keep your information technology system healthy and operating at peak performance. Outdated hardware can leave your computer network vulnerable to cyber threats and impact your business’s cybersecurity.

Our hardware support service team maintains and resolves issues you may have with CPUs, drivers, monitors, security cameras, point-of-sale systems, and other hardware. Delegate those responsibilities to Everound so you can focus on the day-to-day operations of your business.


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What Services Can We Help With?

Hardware Tech Support

Our team of hardware engineers can diagnose, maintain, and fix hardware issues to keep your business up and running and reduce your cyber risk. With fast and accurate diagnosis, analysis, and issue resolution, we can limit the downtime of your operations and reduce frustration for you and your employees.

Typical issues our technical support team discovers include:

  • Blank screens/monitors
  • Keyboard issues
  • Bluetooth connection failures
  • Insufficient memory
  • Slow computer
  • Dropped internet connections
  • Cabling challenges
  • Display and sound problems

We are available to help with your tech support needs on an as-needed basis, or your on-going help desk partner. Our monthly Managed IT Services programs offer ongoing hardware tech support and proactive IT services.


Investing in New Hardware?

Computers and other hardware eventually fail. Computers will start to feel “slow” to a user after daily routine use and from issues caused by normal wear and tear. Monitors can stop working and sometimes cannot be fixed. Mobile devices, too, have finite life spans and need to be replaced.

Replacing hardware can be frustrating and overwhelming, especially with all the options available to consumers and businesses. Our team works with vendors across multiple brands to source the best hardware to meet organizational IT goals. Our vendor partnerships often result in savings for our clients, too, as we can leverage our relationships to your advantage. Everound specializes in hardware procurement and installation services including:

  • IT vendor management: Everound can source and price hardware for your business. If you need one computer or 200 computers, we can use our current vendor relationships to get you the best price. Our savings are your savings, and we work hard to help you meet your budget goals.
  • Computer installation: While many computers and other IT hardware devices are easier to set up than years ago, having a specialist handle installation and configuration of hardware can set your business up for success. Our tech support team can install and configure hardware in a strategic and organized method making sure your hardware is safe from cyber threats and optimized for productivity.
  • Security camera system design and installation: Security camera systems can be a solid investment for businesses that need to monitor their location. Retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses can utilize security systems to protect their assets and their employees. We can design the best system for your needs within your budget.
  • Point-of-sale installation and maintenance: Point-of-sale systems for stores have become advanced over the last decade. We can help you find the best system for your niche and install and configure the hardware to optimize the customer experience for your business.

Other IT Consulting Services from Everound

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Everound can take the stress out of finding and installing the right software programs for your business. Our team can help you with installation and configurations for laptops, desktops, and servers and ensure you are using the right license for your software use.
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Business Phone Systems
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Why Work with Everound for Your IT Hardware and Installation Projects?

Everound is committed to helping businesses meet their IT operational goals with hardware installation and support services. When you partner with Everound for your needs, we provide rapid response times, superior customer service, and are vested in your success. From one-time projects such as initial hardware set up to ongoing maintenance and support, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about partnering together for your next IT project.