Managed IT Services Saves Money and Boosts Productivity

Networks fail. Computers crash. Cyberattacks happen. One of the most cost-efficient ways to avoid and prevent IT failures is to partner with a Managed IT Services expert like Everound.

Managed IT Services allows business owners to delegate their ongoing information technology processes including cybersecurity to a third-party company specializing in the IT industry. This process improves overall organizational efficiency and productivity while also reducing operating expenses and avoiding issues such as data breaches, network downtime, and cyberattacks.

Delegate Problem Management and Prevention to Everound

As a Managed IT Services provider, Everound is your single point of contact working with you to stay ahead of IT challenges. Let us help keep your business running smoothly by implementing ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and development of IT strategies and programs.

At Everound, we understand investing in technology and technology support is an important decision. Organizations spend on average 2.6% of annual revenue on information technology and nearly $7,600 per user. This investment can yield varying results depending on the strength of the staff and organization. Our goal is to provide maximum return-on-investment for each of our partners by helping them realize IT operational efficiency and success.

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Benefits of Managed IT Services

Safe, reliable, and effective IT systems provide both short- and long-term benefits that increase IT functionality and boost the bottom line. Benefits of outsourcing IT support to a managed IT provider include:

Lower, Predictable Costs

Outsourcing IT results in a positive impact on revenue by reducing operating expenses associated with an in-house information technology team. In addition to savings in labor, insurance, and related benefits, business owners can save money on training and ongoing development expenses. When businesses work with a managed IT service provider, they know exactly what to budget for IT costs each month.

Increased Efficiency

By outsourcing IT, CEOs and senior leadership can focus on core business goals without spending time and financial resources on IT. Time spent researching new technologies or managing staff can be reallocated to core business functions, goals, and growth. Managed IT Service providers also reduce system downtimes for organizations so team members realize an increase in efficiency and productivity.


One common challenge in growing organizations is scalability. When business revenue grows quickly, internal resources are slow to follow the same trajectory. Managed IT Services providers can quickly implement new technology and start projects right away while internal IT teams may need additional staff and resources which could take months. Managed IT service providers remove the need to recruit, hire, and onboard additional team members when a business grows and expands.

Proactive Approach

Managed IT Services organizations stay ahead of issues that may arise for a business by taking a proactive approach to IT management. At Everound, we work hard to prevent common IT challenges that many organizations experience. We proactively integrate IT practices that help organizations stay ahead of IT issues.

Reduce Downtime

Safe, reliable, and efficient information technology infrastructures and systems are critical in the success of a business. Network downtimes can cost business owners as much as $5,600 per minute. Everound will have a plan in place to address critical IT issues ahead of time for you.

Trained and Qualified Experts

IT solutions and products change at a feverishly fast pace. Everound provides on-going training for its team of IT engineers so they are experts in the newest technologies. This expertise is transferred to each of our Managed IT Services clients.

Core Managed IT Services
help desk hardware

Help Desk

Everound can support your employees with help desk services. Typical help desk issues include hardware and software challenges, email issues, and new employee IT onboarding. Our system allows users to open a help desk ticket either via phone or email.

computer network

Network & Server Administration

Our team of network engineers will proactively manage and maintain your operating systems, servers, and applications to ensure everything is up to date and running smoothly.

someone monitoring a computer network

Network Monitoring

Everound can keep an eye on your network to stay ahead of slow and failing components that could impact your business operations.

installation of computer hardware

Equipment Installation & Configuration

Our team can install and configure hardware including computers, printers, security cameras, point-of-sale systems and more. As your partner, we will maintain equipment on a regular schedule to extend hardware longevity.

computer updating software

Computer Patching & Software Updates

Our computer patching and software update program helps prevent security holes and reduces vulnerability and risk for cyberattacks.

image of computer backup

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Hard drive failures and disasters can be a nightmare for a business. Our team will regularly backup your data in case of hard drive malfunction, cyberattacks, and natural disasters. Our disaster recovery program gets you back in business quickly.

business IT support

Software Customization

Almost all software programs can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. Our team will customize out-of-the-box programs to your specifications to support your business goals.

image of the moon

After Hours Support

Computer issues are not limited to business hours. If needed, we can provide after-hours support for your IT needs.

Monthly Managed IT Service Packages

Everound partners with businesses across every major industry to provide the highest tier solutions to connect the dots between IT, people, and business opportunities. Our most popular solutions are included below, however, we can customize a monthly service package to meet the unique needs of your organization.

  • Help Desk Support
  • Network & Server Administration
  • Network Monitoring
  • Equipment Installation & Configuration
  • Computer Patching & Software Updates
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Software Customization
  • After Hours Support

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At Everound, we’re committed to helping businesses realize IT operational efficiency through customized IT solutions.

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