IT Consulting Services for Your Business

Like many business owners, you may be considering outsourcing some of your information technology needs. Even if you have a strong in-house IT department, some projects may be too time-consuming for your team, especially if they are focused on your core business processes. Our team of information technology consulting experts can save you time and resources by helping you with special projects and custom IT solutions.

As an IT consulting company, we work with clients to help them solve complex IT challenges and problems. We can help you leverage the power of technology to create business efficiencies and a roadmap to success. We work hard to understand your goals, needs and areas of improvement so we can create an IT program that results in reduced risk, improved processes and overall IT health.

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Benefits of Outsourcing IT & IT Consulting

IT consulting companies and IT consulting firms like Everound bring creative and innovative ideas to your business to improve overall efficiency and productivity. Let us ease the burden of your IT problems for your business by implementing high-quality tech solutions. At Everound, we focus on your IT so you can focus on your core business.

Why do companies outsource IT? There are many benefits of outsourcing including:

Cost Savings

Outsourcing your IT needs can reduce costs for your business. At Everound, we are able to pass along savings on hardware expenses, licenses from software companies, and even cloud service subscriptions. We understand small businesses, startups and even large businesses have tight IT budgets, so we work hard to find you savings.

Trustworthy Advice

Technology consulting companies offer an impartial outsider’s view of current IT infrastructure and operations. We can help you review your IT set up, provide recommendations for hardware and software, and move you to a safe, secure cloud system.

Immediate Availability

Some IT issues are unpredictable, and your in-house IT team may not have the capacity to address critical problems when they arise. IT consulting companies can quickly and efficiently address unexpected problems.

Specialized Expertise

Technology changes at a rapid pace. Our team of IT engineers and specialists stay on top of emerging trends and solutions. At Everound, we have been working for more than 30 years on hardware installation, software customization, IT security best practices and more. Let us share or knowledge with your business and team, and help you become more realize IT operational efficiency.

IT Consulting Core Services

IT outsourcing services range from hardware installation to cloud solutions, to IT audits and advice. We can help you solve complex IT issues and challenges that other IT management consulting firms cannot. Everound offers a wide range of IT consulting services including:

installation of computer hardware

Hardware Installation & Maintenance

Hardware installation can take hundreds of hours to complete for an in-house team. We specialize in helping businesses choose the best hardware for their needs and provide structured, organized installation and implementation of hardware systems. Learn more.

computer updating software

Software Installation & Maintenance

Software programs are one of the most underutilized tools available to business owners. We customize box products like Microsoft 365 to make them work hard for your employees. Software customization can improve productivity and communication for your team. Learn more.

cloud computing

Cloud Solutions

We can set up or improve upon your current cloud storage solutions. As more and more businesses switch to work-from-home, cloud solutions can improve workplace productivity. Learn more.

business phone

Business Phone Systems

Business phone systems are a critical component of information technology. With land lines becoming almost obsolete, let us help you find the best solution for your brick-and-mortar business, or your virtual team. Learn more.

Managed IT Services

If you have IT needs beyond a special project or one-time challenge, Everound offers Managed IT Services that can help you meet your business objectives. We offer monthly Managed IT Services packages that offer a holistic approach to IT management. Learn more about how we can partner with you for Managed IT Services.

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