Business IT Support Services

Everound provides business IT support for companies of all sizes across various industries. Whether you own a company in the hospitality industry and need small business IT support services or run an engineering firm and need IT support for your mid-size business, we are here to help.

As a locally owned and operated business, we understand that different size organizations have different needs when it comes to computer support, cloud services, cybersecurity, data backup, and related business IT services. Our approach to IT support isn’t cookie-cutter – we customize our approach to meet the unique needs of our clients and regardless of size, we give each client the attention and support they deserve.

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Industries We Serve
Commercial building


Commercial businesses, regardless of the specific industry, have a shared goal – provide superior customer service for their clients while maintaining business continuity and increasing revenue. Everound works with commercial businesses of all sizes to help them save money on IT support services so they can redirect their resources to their core business goals.

Construction tools

Architectural, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

Everound provides managed IT services and tech support for engineering firms, architecture firms, and construction companies in the region. We understand organizations in the AEC industry rely heavily on information technology to design, plan, and build our communities. Large design files, complex software programs, and on-site communication solutions require a custom approach to network design, cybersecurity, and cloud computing data management. Let Everound help you enjoy peace of mind your IT solutions are working hard to help you and your team stay productive.

Industrial business

Industrial & Manufacturing

Organizations operating in the industrial and manufacturing industry have unique IT needs to succeed. Production downtime, siloed business functions, and outdated software are all issues that can severely impact operations and result in a negative impact on the bottom line. Let us help you address these concerns through a comprehensive, integrated approach to information technology.

Financial industry


Information technology, especially cybersecurity, is critical to businesses in the financial industry. From the installation of hardware like security cameras to the monitoring of the dark web for data breaches, Everound can provide a comprehensive IT platform to keep your data safe, and your teams working efficiently.


Hospitality & Retail

Businesses working in the hospitality and retail industries work hard to maintain superior customer service for the guests and patrons. Everound can provide specific and customized technology solutions that can improve the customer experience while also help you operate your business at peak performance. We can design and implement a cost-effective point-of-sale system, implement a comprehensive network security program, or provide one-time IT consulting services.



In healthcare, patient privacy and data security are critical. We work with healthcare-focused companies like doctor’s offices, dental practices, and healthcare networks to design, plan, implement, and monitor their IT functions with the goal of creating a secure network to treat patients. Patient privacy and technology efficiency are our primary goals when working within the healthcare industry.

Nonprofit organization


Nonprofit organizations are the backbone of our communities. As an NPO, your mission becomes our mission, and we will work hard to provide you with a strong IT infrastructure that supports your goals. We understand that budgets are tight for nonprofits and outsourcing your IT can provide budget relief. By outsourcing your IT needs, you can save money on staff and related expenses and use the savings to support your overall mission.

Why Work with Everound?

Our team can help with IT services for small businesses, midsized businesses, and large enterprise corporations. With more than 30 years of combined experience serving commercial, industrial, nonprofit, and related industries, Everound can customize an IT solution that meets your business and operational goals. Reach out today to start a conversation.

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