Network Security Is Critical to Protect Your Business

Nothing is more important from a cybersecurity perspective than network security. Your network contains the most sensitive information about your business – financial records, employee files, account numbers, and intellectual property. Do you know if it is safe from unauthorized access?

As a business owner, it is important to prevent unauthorized access and protect your network from suspicious activity. As your cybersecurity partner, Everound can help you establish a strong network security program as the first line of defense from cyberattacks and data theft.

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What is Network Security?

Network security is the practice and use of technologies to defend your network and network-accessible software and hardware from cyberattacks and misuse of your company data. Every organization from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies should have a multi-layered network security solution in place.

Networks vulnerability occurs across different levels in a business. A comprehensive network security plan includes three control types – physical, technical, and administrative.

Physical Controls

Physical controls provide protection for the tangible, physical assets of your business. Everound can design a robust physical security plan with controlled access solutions to protect your business. Examples of physical controls include:

  • Physical Barriers: Fences, gates, and locks can be installed at your network or data center for intrusion prevention at your facility.
  • Video and Lighting Solutions: Security cameras, CCTV and motion-sensor lighting can deter data thieves at your business.
  • Access Card Systems: Access card systems provide flexibility for businesses to tailor physical access to areas of a facility. Access can be customized and specific to times of the day and employee seniority, among other factors. Advanced access card systems can also be integrated with lighting, heating, and cooling systems. Access card systems may also provide budget relief by saving money on security personnel.
  • Biometric Hardware Solutions: Technological advances in security have developed sophisticated physical control systems such as biometric hardware. Biometric hardware can use fingerprints, voice, and other automated methods to authenticate a user and allow physical access to a facility.

Technical Controls

Technical controls are designed to prevent unauthorized access to data that is on your network using hardware and software systems. The goal of technical controls is to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data to not only external threats like cyber attackers but also internal employees who may not have clearance to sensitive corporate information. Technical controls protect information going between points on a network. Examples of technical controls include:

  • Firewall Protection: Network firewall protection or network firewall security is a system that monitors the traffic between a trusted source such as your own network and an untrusted source such as the Internet. There are many types of firewalls to consider including packet-filtering firewalls, circuit-level gateways, and proxy firewalls. All firewall systems should address web security, email security, mobile devices, application security, and wireless networks.
  • Data Loss Prevention: Data loss prevention (DLP) solutions help organizations protect sensitive data and ensure it is not lost or misused. DLP software can be used to classify critical data and trigger protective actions such as encryption. This prevents users from sharing information with an external source.
  • Anti-Malware Solutions: Anti-malware solutions protect you from dangerous software that could harm, steal, or destroy your company data. Different types of malware exist including viruses, spyware, ransomware, and Trojan horses. These kinds of malicious programs infiltrate businesses when they are installed on an employee’s device without their knowledge. If left undiscovered, malware can cause thousands of dollars in damages to hardware, expose your private company data to competitors, and make you financially vulnerable.

Administrative Controls

Administrative controls are the policies and guidelines a company has in place that support security goals. Administrative controls should be developed in conjunction with human resources personnel and senior leadership. Considerations include:

  • Hiring and Termination Protocol: When employees are onboarded or terminated, business owners should have a policy in place to either provide or revoke access to company data and information. Access cards should be activated upon hire and deactivated upon separation.
  • Hardware and Internet Use: Human Resources policies should clearly address proper use for company-issued hardware, especially Internet use. Technical controls can be implemented, too, for hardware and can limit access to websites that may be untrustworthy.
  • Security Awareness Training: The biggest threat to cybersecurity for a company is its employees. Over the course of a day, employees may get hundreds of emails or access multiple websites. Educating your team on how network security is infiltrated can reduce IT vulnerability.

A solid network security program includes all three control types for maximum protection – physical technical and administrative. As experts in cybersecurity, Everound can help you develop a plan today to protect your company from threats.

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