Endpoint Security Is Critical to Protect Your Business

Do you know how many ways someone can access your business data? Every single device that is connected to your network is an entry point to your entire business. Every desktop, laptop, and mobile device could cause a risk to your business if not secured.

Malicious agents or cybercriminals look for weaknesses in your network so they can access your company data and sensitive information. That’s where endpoint security or endpoint protection comes in.

endpoint security

Why Is Endpoint Cybersecurity Important?

Endpoint protection is important for several reasons, primarily to protect a valuable business asset – your company data. If you lose that data, or employees cannot access the data, your company can be at risk. Bank accounts, financial records, and employee information should be protected against digital theft.

Endpoint protection is also important as the number of endpoints grows in a business. With more organizations adopting remote work policies, the threat landscape is becoming broader. The types and number of endpoints and access points in businesses have grown, so adopting comprehensive security measures through an endpoint protection platform is critical in overall network security.

How Does Endpoint Protection Work?

Endpoint security refers to the practice of securing the individual devices, or endpoints, that connect to a network. Businesses likely have dozens of endpoint devices such as computers, laptops, and mobile and remote devices that are connected and accessible.

Endpoint security solutions work by examining files as they enter and leave the device. An endpoint security system is a software program that is centrally managed by an administrator and tracks threats in real-time. Endpoint security, unlike network security, addresses individual devices as being responsible for their own security.

Next-gen endpoint protection uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict and proactively prevent threats to individual endpoints. Several industry-leading platforms have robust next-gen endpoint protection platforms that use cloud-based technology to protect businesses.

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) gives IT managers and business owners real-time knowledge of any threats to their devices and ultimately, their network. Endpoint protection is often the building block to developing a larger cybersecurity program that also includes network and email security.

Endpoint security software contains features and functionality such as:

  • AI or machine-learning detection: Artificial intelligence has improved the approach to endpoint protection. Using algorithms, next-gen endpoint protection can learn and understand how your network is accessed and alert you to potential advanced threats caused by endpoints in real-time.
  • Firewalls: Firewalls essentially interrupt and block attacks from an endpoint to the network. Firewalls are also a component of network security and when used together, they can provide a high level of cybersecurity.
  • Network access control: Network access control systems identify the devices connected to a network and categorizes them by type. Using this information, the network access control reacts to the devices based on preconfigured compliance rules set by a business owner.
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware: Traditional anti-virus software and anti-malware protection are used in endpoint security to protect, diagnose, and correct harmful software across multiple endpoint devices. While programs like McAfee offer basic protection from malware, viruses, and spyware, enterprise-level endpoint security programs can protect you from advanced threats that only address businesses.

Why Everound for your Endpoint Protection Solution?

Endpoint security is a critical component of overall cybersecurity and network security. Having an IT partner on your side that understands how IT infrastructure for businesses is designed, managed, and implemented can save your business from harmful cyber-attacks and threats. You need to focus on the day-to-day operations of running your business. Delegate your IT challenges to us.

Everound can customize an endpoint security solution that meets the unique needs of your business. Whether you own a small business with a few endpoints or a large firm with hundreds of devices connected to your network, we can find the best solution for you and your team.

Endpoint cybersecurity is one of many components of a healthy IT infrastructure. Reach out today to start planning your comprehensive endpoint protection system as part of a one-time project or ongoing Managed IT Services. Our goal is to protect your business from threats as if it was our own.

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