Telecommunications is the transmissions of signals such as messages, calls, pictures, browsing to websites, and more.  We use the interworking’s of telecommunications so heavily and most of the time do not even realize it.

  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Internet circuits
  • and More.

You and your company should not have to understand technical lingo or be at a disadvantage when talking to telecommunications providers.  In our experience, companies become frustrated with the technology when they can’t speak the same lingo as the provider.  You still need internet and a phone system however, let our expertise and team be the liaison to get you the best solution and best deals as your independent advisor.

There are hundreds of internet providers and phone system solutions to pick from.  Our industry expertise and partnerships with leading vendors allows us to get you the best deal, not just the “deal of the month”.  With the increase of work-from-home opportunities to reduce costs of a physical work space, providing your employee’s with a seamless work-from-home solution is essential to ensure they continue to be at their utmost efficiency.

What Do We Provide?

Everound provides our customers telecommunication solutions that include:

  • Research, Configuration, and Implementation
  • Monthly Maintenance and Support
  • Training
Cloud First

A cloud-first approach should be the forefront of any modern day companies plans.  Remote work and a rock solid telecommunications approach are becoming more prevalent as we progress as a society.  COVID-19 was unexpected by most and many companies were not prepared.


Whether you’re searching for a new IT business partner, are just looking for the first time, or want to hear more about the solutions we can provide you for a cloud-first approach, we want to hear from you! Call us at +1 717.312.5890.

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