We do not have anything the hackers would want.

We’re too small, they won’t target us.


  1. 43% of all cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses and over 90% of all cyber attacks are launched via a phishing email. (Verizon)
  2. Organizations between 1-250 employees are targeted with malicious emails at a rate of 1 in 323 emails. (Symantec)
  3. The average cost of a malware attack to a company is $2.6 million. (Accenture)

Now more than ever, cyber security should be at the forefront of your companies IT budget.  With cyber crime sky-rocketing and projection’s for it to increase as time goes by, in order to ensure your company stays safe you must implement solutions to protect yourself, no matter your companies size or the information you think the hackers do not have any interest in.

You deserve to use the same cyber security tools that Fortune 500 companies are utilizing today.  Email security powered by artificial intelligence, next-gen endpoint protection, cyber security awareness training, and disk encryption just to name a few.  These solutions provide you security and when combined with a backup and disaster recovery plan and solutions, a peace of mind that you’re well protected to thwart these bad actors.

Cyber Threats

Out of date patches, uninformed employee’s, and inadequate anti-virus are three of the biggest reasons for intrusions.  Everound provides world class cyber security solutions while also providing monthly support and maintenance packages to keep you up-to-date, your employees trained, your company safe.


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